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Critics of school-based financial education have argued that teaching kids about money is the parents' responsibility. This isn't a recent criticism; it's been going on for just about as long as we've been promoting it. Helaine Olen, for example, who has been railing against financial literacy since publishing her 2013 book "Pound Foolish: Exposing the Dark Side of the Personal Finance Industry," took another swipe at Financial Literacy Month in a recent Washington Post column. At Jump$tart, we agree that financial learning should start at home; however, for families that are "unbanked," maybe new to this country, or just not sure of their own proficiency, schools play a critical role. And of course, some kids don't have parents or guardians at all. By including personal finance in the PreK-12 curriculum, we can help close the financial inclusion gap by educating those students who need that guidance the most. The rise of school-based personal finance education For years, critics of school-based financial education have refuted the claim that "all we need is better education" to improve the financial well-being of everyone – but the sham is that no one in the financial literacy community actually claims that. We know that better education alone won't protect victims of financial fraud or discrimination, won't provide better access to service and opportunities, and won't guarantee workers a livable wage. We do believe, however, that financial education is a strong foundation on which equity, access, opportunity, service, and consumer protections can – and will – be built. A couple of years ago, Jump$tart launched Check Your School , a public engagement campaign designed to harness the power of parents and others to bring financial education to every school in the country. But, in the midst of the pandemic that affected disadvantaged communities more severely than others and the Black Lives Matter movement that called necessary attention to injustices in our society, we realized that while all schools need financial education, some need it more. In talking to community leaders, we were reminded that less advantaged communities don't really want heroes to swoop in and save the day. They don't want special events or well-intended volunteers who spend an afternoon with them, never to be heard from get more information again. What they want is an investment in their communities and a real chance to make it on their own. And we can do our part by supporting neighborhood schools, providing training to teachers and reliable curriculum resources, to help the community help itself, not once, but for many years to come. Detractors who say that teachers are ill equipped to teach the complexities of personal finance haven't been to the Jump$tart National Educator Conference or any other professional development programs offered by an array of our partners and affiliates. The teachers we work with are talented, committed, and knowledgeable about finance – many with certifications in the subject.


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“Our budget for the first phase is about a million dollars. The first phase will include a four stall CXT concrete bathroom, a picnic shelter and two of the seven petals of play equipment. And each petal will have play equipment aimed at a different age group. The two petals we’re going to build this fiscal year, will be play equipment aimed at toddlers, people from like two to five years old,” Brill said. The entire park will be fenced and ADA compliant for all ages and abilities. “So, children of all ages and abilities, will be able to play next to each other which they unfortunately can’t do in our current playground because we’re not ADA compliant,” Brill said. The park will be bigger in size, according to officials. “The current playground is around an acre, the new Kid Venture 2.0 will be about an acre and a half,” Brill said. “I’m just so excited because we’ve been talking about this for six years and finally we’re going to start building something.” Brill said overall, there may be two to three more phases, following phase one. He said the additional phases will be spread out over two to three years. “It will be probably around a $2 million project when we’re done with it,” Brill said. Officials said some things like a few swing sets and an elephant slide will stay, and will be incorporated into the new design. “An iconic feature of the current Kid Venture that we’re going to incorporate into Kid Venture 2.0, are the handprints of the children. We need to save these because the children who have these hand prints are now adults and their children are playing at Kid Venture,” Brill said. County leaders also said they could see more people coming to the park when it is complete. “We could conceivably see families from 90 miles away coming to this Kid Venture when it’s fully completed,” Brill said. “It will be good.