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Instead, OSHA extended the comment period from Wednesday to Aug. 20, though the ETS is already in effect. It also released its field inspection and enforcement procedures for enforcing ETS compliance at healthcare facilities. Healthcare workers and the labor unions representing them have pushed hard for stricter safety standards amid shifting guidance from federal agencies during the worst of the pandemic. Almost a year later, OSHA finalized an ETS targeting healthcare facilities like hospitals, nursing homes and other sites of care to protect workers from COVID-19. Most of the ETS makes previous pandemic guidance like masking and social distancing mandatory, though provider groups say the lengthy rule is confusing and tricky for some to implement in just 30 days, especially with a variety of exemptions for vaccinated employees. "This rule is long and complex, and would require changes in hospital policies, procedures and structures," AHA wrote in a letter asking the agency to delay compliance dates by six months. "Our members have told us that they need more time to implement the many new requirements contained in the 916-page ETS," the letter said. Employers were required to comply with most provisions by July 6, and all provisions by Wednesday. The standard covers a variety of guidelines federal agencies put out throughout the pandemic to stem the spread of COVID-19, including that providers have a written plan for how they would deal with an outbreak. The ETS outlines detailed requirements around patient screening, personal protective equipment, ventilation and physical barriers. It also requires healthcare employers to provide workers with paid time off to get vaccinated or recover from any side effects, and employees sick or exposed to the virus must be given proper accommodations. While the standard doesn’t mandate any employees get vaccinated against the virus, it allows a number of exemptions for those with the vaccine, so long as employers have adequate documentation, according to an OSHA webinar on the ETS. OSHA said it will update the standard if necessary to align with CDC guidance. Provider groups say their members have largely been following most of the guidelines over the past year or made their best attempts to do so. "Implementing a new layer of requirements at this late stage of the public health emergency (PHE) is duplicative, confusing , and will divert time and resources away from patient care," the Medical Group Management Association wrote in a letter. "Moreover, the ETS will hold physician practices to a standard on which they were denied the opportunity to provide feedback, before being required to comply," the letter said. As the standard covers all healthcare facilities, certain providers may find requirements disrupting their workflows or operations, Claire Ernst, associate director for government affairs at the Medical Group Management Association, said.


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This is also sticky: My dad has dementia, and my mother has many expectations for my support in terms of his care. (My mom is not 100 percent there, either.) How do I care for my father and not resent him? How do I explain to my mother my occasional inability to handle my father with compassion visit your url and equanimity? Dear Who’s: I’m assuming that you have been able to confirm that this DNA information is accurate and true. Commercially available DNA testing kits sometimes report biological cousins as half-siblings – and visa-versa. You should verify the information you have received. However, regardless of your situation, when it comes to family relationships, there is no hedge against resentment. You could have grown up in a wonderfully “intact” family that had no such complications, but you might now resent your obligation to provide care for your father for a host of other reasons. I suggest that you should be more realistic about your feelings, and instead of trying not to feel them, you should learn how to cope with them. You are currently experiencing the most challenging period of adulthood. You are being asked to confront and manage the chaos of this period without any possible resolution, and so you will have to provide your own. If your worst assumptions about your father are true, could you manage to find reasons (and ways) to love him, anyway? Some comfort can come through accepting a simple truism: It is what it is. It is vital that you and your mother receive respite care and support while dealing with your father’s illness. You should try to develop a small network through local friends and family, members of your faith community, volunteers, and paid caregivers. The Alzheimer’s Association offers a telephone helpline, as well as a moderated online message board where caregivers ask for and also offer advice. Check alzconnected.org .